Why now?

WordPress asked me why I wanted to start a blog now.  I said, “It’s 2013.  Why not?”  Thing is, I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions–maybe it’s just been an excuse for me to not change the way I usually do things–but I thought this is something worth pursuing. 

Since I was about 10 years old, I have kept a journal.  In fact, I have three or four journals full of a history of me.  It started with entries like, “Today we went to swimming.  Then we ate pizza.  It was fun.”  When I was in high school my journal entries were full of mostly my high school crushes.  (There were really only two.)  My first kiss.  Getting in trouble for sneaking notes to her in class.  It’s all there. 

Of course, as I got older, life got heavier.  College.  Life-long friendships.  Breakups.  Mistakes.  Really huge mistakes.  Tremendous loss.  Becoming a man. 

Recently, I’ve fallen away from keeping a personal journal.  If anything, I usually write in a journal that I keep for my daughter, who is about to turn two.  I plan to give it to her for a graduation gift.  I’ll probably make one for my son too, who is due in April.

I feel now, though, that I need a place to process things just for me, but in a way/place that is open for others to process with me.  I don’t know who will read this.  Maybe nobody.  Maybe people I don’t even know.  I’m just going to share as honestly as possible my thoughts on life, God, family, work, music, sports, entertainment, and anything else that happens to be on my mind on a particular day.  If there’s one thing I know about me, it’s that there is always a main theme on my mind on any given day.  I never think about nothing.  I feel like I’m always processing.

Would you like to process with me?



About Catterfly

Mexican-American guy, married to a Korean woman, with Korexican kids. I have not arrived yet, but I'm on the path every day to becoming the man, husband, father, son, brother, friend, and pastor I was meant to be. My standard, my highest aim, my very life is Jesus Christ. This is my journey.
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One Response to Why now?

  1. Samuel says:

    I will follow this blog and process the words you put up. Let’s see where this journey takes you.

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